BGMI APK Download + OBB File Download Links

BGMI APK Download — On This Page, We Are Going to Discuss All Details Related To The BGMI APK Download +OBB File Download and Early Access.

PUBG BGMI APK Download – Battleground Mobile India Download link [BGMI APK Download +OBB] Beta Version is now available. PUBG Mobile India Version BGMI APK Download details are here.

It is refreshing news for the PUBG fans that BGMI APK Download – Battleground Mobile India Beta Version is now available. Early access is now available and fans are just rushing through the internet to find the Battleground Mobile India download link.

On this page, we are going to discuss all details related to the BGMI APK Download +OBB file download and early access to the Battleground Mobile India Beta Version.

BGMI APK Download + OBB File Download Links

Download the Latest Version of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI APK Download) for free and explore yourself in a variety of Amazing Game features like maps, game modes, and exciting challenges. You can play Solo, or you can team up with your friends to get special rewards and kill your enemies instantly to get Chicken Dinner.

Battleground Mobile India APK Download link

The Gamers can follow some simple steps to download the Battleground Mobile India App APK file. They will have to first join the Beta Program of the BGMI App.

To download the APK file, we have listed some processes on this page. We recommend the users to follow each step carefully to download the Early Access PUBG Mobile India APK file from the play store itself.

As of the First step, the user must go to the OpenBeta testing page of BGMI on the Play store. If you can not find the option for that on Play Stire, You can simply Click Here.

BGMI APK + OBB File Download Links

After clicking the above-given link, You will reach the Play Store page where it will ask for your consent to join the Early Access of Battleground Mobile India.

There You will see a page like given in the image below. Some terms and conditions will be mentioned and Also a button to leave the program will also be available.

BGMI APK Download

A download link is given in the second option as shown in the image above. You can simply click that link and you will be taken to the play store page where the Battleground Mobile India APK download button will be available.

Simply click the Install button and your BGMI setup file will start to download.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Download APK + OBB

Here are some of the details that you must know before downloading BGMI APK Download + OBB files.

BGMI APK Download File (70M) +OBB File (700M)
Mediafire Mediafire
Mediafire 2 Mediafire 2
G-Drive G-Drive
Mega Mega

How to Install Battleground Mobile India App Beta Version

Once the BGMI APK is downloaded and installed, you will see a button labeled as “Play”.

BGMI APK Download

Your game will start to load and it will then ask for storage permission. Click on “OK” button to allow PUBG to use storage.

BGMI APK Download

Then it will ask “Allow Battlegrounds India to access photos and media in your device?”. Click on the “Allow” button.

BGMI APK Download

Now it will ask your permission to update the game resources. Click on the “Update button” and it will start preparing the resources.

BGMI APK Download

Now Battleground Mobile India app will start download 618.2 MB resource pack file on your mobile.

BGMI APK Download

Once the update is completed, the BGMI App will ask you to restart the app.

BGMI APK Download

Now BGMI App will ask you to accept their privacy policy. Click on Accept button.

BGMI APK Download

Now you will be taken to the login page. Choose your preferred method to login into the game.

BGMI APK Download

Click on Login and Accept the terms. You will reach the login page then click Continue.

BGMI APK Download

Now you have successfully logged into the Battlegrounds Mobile India App.

Now your resource pack is downloaded and you can start downloading different maps that are available in various game modes like (Classic/Arena/Arcade etc).

Now you are all set to play the Indian version of PUBG mobile on your phone.

Battleground Mobile India APK+ OBB File download

You can download BGMI APK +OBB from external sources also. We have provided the links to download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK+OBB file on this page. You can simply download the app from these links if you can not find it in the play store.


How do I download Bgmi APK?

Guide for APK + OBB File.
Download the APK and OBB files then go to the download folder.
Unzip the file and then install the BGMI APK and then launch the game to create its OBB File.
After this move the main. pubg. imobile. obb to /Android/obb/com. pubg. imobile/main. pubg. …
That’s it!

How do I download obb Bgmi?

BGMI 1.5 update APK and OBB download
Download the APK and OBB files of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1.5 update and locate the downloaded files on your device.
Click on the APK file and tap on the Install button to start the installation process.

What is the name of OBB file of Bgmi?

Check out the BGMI Beta APK Download Link followed by a step-by-step installation guide right in this article. It should be noted that once the APK is installed, the name of the OBB file must be changed to “main. pubg.

Where do I put Bgmi obb?

How to Install BGMI APK+OBB files?
First of all, you have to enable the “Install from Unknown Source” option.
Install the APK file but don’t open it yet.
Now rename the OBB file to “main. pubg. …
Copy and Paste the OBB file in: Android/OBB/com. pubg. imobile folder.
If there is no folder named com. pubg.

How do I Install PUBG on my phone?

How to Install PUBG Mobile Latest Version on Android
Open the official site of TapTap Mobile Client and download their application. …
After downloading, open the APK file and install it from there.
Now, open the TapTap application, and search for PUBG Mobile. …
It’s on you whichever version you want to play.

How do I Install Bgmi on Play Store?

How to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access APK from Google Play Store
Go to Google Play Store and search for Battlegrounds Mobile India. …
The Install button will be visible right next to the game title. …
Once done, the game will start downloading and install on your smartphone.

Can we install BGMI now?

BGMI iOS App is soon going to release according to latest update on BGMI Has finally released for android devices on 2nd July 2021. Now you can transfer your data from PUBG to BGMI easily. download BGMI App from Google Play Store below, BGMI IOS Version Releasing soon.

How do I transfer BGMI to another phone?

Step by Step Process for Share and Install BGMI Game Through Shareit
Open Shareit/Xender/google files APP first.
Select Battlegrounds Mobile India APK and ready to send(Don’t send to receiver)

How do I link BGMI?

Players can transfer their old PUBG Mobile data to new BGMI by visiting the setting section of the game. Players can select the login method Facebook/Twitter and login into the account and after confirming the data migration and your data will be migrated.


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