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This time, APKRader Game will share information regarding the much sought after Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends 2022. Nathan is the deadliest Marksman hero in Mobile Legends  who has   very deadly  damage during the early  and  late game.

This hero has three main skills just like the others. This MM is quite unique because it has 2 types of damage, namely magic and physical. So you have to be careful in choosing a build so that the impact it produces is maximum.

To maximize Natan’s strengths, you need the right build because otherwise Nathan will only be a burden. Well, for those of you who later want to be the global top of this hero. APKRader Game has prepared Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends 2022. Without further ado, here’s a summary for you.

Nathan’s Skills in Mobile Legends

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Before sharing the sickest Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends 2022 of this hero, it’s a good idea to first identify each of the skills contained in Nathan. This Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends hero  has a deadly skill which is certainly very annoying during war. Here are Nathan’s skills that you must master:

Theory of Everything  (Passive Skill)

Every time Nathan and  the Reverse-Clone  hit an opponent, he will get 1  stack entanglement.  Each  stack  obtained will increase  Natan’s attack speed  and  movement speed by 15%-7.5%, up to a maximum of 6  stacks. Nathan can also change 100%  physical lifesteal  into  magic lifesteal  and  penetration.

Superposition  (Skill 1)

Nathan shoots energy in the direction he chooses, dealing 200(+180% total  physical attack )(+120% total  magic power ).

Interference ! (Skill 2)

Natan shoots gravity bullets in the direction he determines then drags the opponent and  deals  150(+50% total  physical attack )(+70% total  magic power ) damage. At the end of the period, the bullet will explode and then give a  knockback effect  to nearby enemies and give 30 (+10% total  physical attack  (+14% total  magic power ).

Entropy  (Ultimate)

Nathan summons  Reverse-Clone  for 8 seconds,  Reverse-Clone  gains 30% of Nathan’s attributes and moves to follow Nathan’s entire movement in reverse. Reuse  this skill  to go to the  Reverse-Clone location.

Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends 2022

Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends

Here are the worst build recommendations when you use the Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends hero:

  • Swift Boots : This item will add +40  Movement Speed  ​​and +15%  Attack Speed . Because Nathan is a hero who relies on Attack Speed , this shoe item is perfect for him. In addition, the Magic Boots item is also suitable for reducing  Natan ‘s Cooldow  skill.
  • Windtalker : This item will add +40%  Attack Speed , +20  Movement Speed , +10%  Critical Chance . Unique Passive – Typhoon: Every 5-3 seconds,  the next Basic Attack  will hit up to 3 enemy units and deal 362  Magic Damage . This attack can be  Critical  and deal 200%  Damage  to M ion .
  • Scarlet Phantom : This item will increase +30%  Physical Attack , +20%  Attack Speed , and +25%  Critical Chance . So that after using this item, Nathan will have   sick damage .
  • Berseker’s Fury : This item will add +65  Physical Attack , + 25%  Critical Chance , and + 40%  Critical Damage . Unique Passive – Doom:  Critical Hit  will increase  the hero’s Physical Attack  by 5% for 2 seconds.
  • Wind of Nature : this item will add +30  Physical Attack , +20%  Attack Speed , and +10%  Physical Lifesteal . Active Skill – Wind Chant:  Immune  to all  Physical Damage . Lasts for 2 seconds (Duration is reduced by half if used by non-Marksman heroes). Has  a cooldown of  70 seconds.
  • Blade of Despair : This item will increase  the high Physical Attack  for Nathan. Because this build item will add +160  Physical Attack  and +5%  Movement Speed .

Best Natan Skill Combo

As we discussed earlier, a set of Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends can be used to perform a combination of attacks. For the best combination of skills, you can use 3-2-1- Basic Attack .

Ultimate to summon  Reverse Clone , then followed by skill 2 to give  Knockback effect , then skill 1 to give  additional damage  , and finally continued with  Basic Attack .

Natan Sick Emblem Set

For the recommendation for the Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends emblem set in Mobile Legends, it is certain to use the Custom Assassin Emblem . With Agility arrangement   (Movement Speed ​​+6.00%), Invasion Invasion  ( Physical Penetration  +6.00). and talent  Killing Spree  (Eliminating enemy heroes can recover 12% of  Max  HP increases  Movement Speed  ​​by 15% for 5 seconds).

Best Nathan’s Battle Spell

Meanwhile, for Natan’s battle spell selection, the best when playing as Goldlaner is  Inspire ,  Aegis , or  Flicker . Each spell has its own advantages, it depends on the situation in the game.

The advantages of Nathan in Mobile Legends :

  • Has Troublesome Crowd Control Skills
  • Has a large damage in the early game
  • Have High Attack Speed
  • Has a high movement speed

Lack of Nathan in Mobile Legends

  • Very Wasteful Mana Usage
  • Difficult to master
  • Lack of Escape Skills
  • Vulnerable to CC heroes.


What is the best build for Natan?

1. Item Build

  • Demon Shoes. Demon Shoes is the perfect choice for Natan to increase his Mana Regen as he’s heavily reliant on his Mana consumption.
  • Scarlet Phantom. …
  • Berserker’s Fury. …
  • Wind of Nature. …
  • Malefic Roar. …
  • Immortality. …
  • Custom Marksman Emblem Set. …
  • 1st Tier Talent: Fatal.

Is Natan physical damage?

Natan shoots a dense mass of energy, dealing 150–450 (+180% Total Physical Attack) (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies along its path.

Is Natan strong in Mobile Legends?

Powerful Late Game

Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends is one of the deadliest Marksman heroes in the late game. With his damage and Attack Speed, Natan can wipe out his targets easily, if the player knows how to play him.

Who can counter Natan?

Kaja. In the first position, hero the one that can counter Nathan is Kaja. If you use Kaja, it means you will be face to face head-to-head aka strong fight magic damage specifically. Advantages of using Kaja for counter Nathan is stat Kaja is better in terms of magic damage than Nathan.

Is Natan easy to use?

Natan is not an easy hero to learn or play for beginner MLBB players. Ideally, mastering other Marksman heroes like Claude, Moskov, and Hanabi is good if you want to truly master Natan.

How do you use Natan skills?

How do you use Nathan?

Natan’s combo is very easy, the ultimate use is usually done at the beginning of a teamfight, in which Natan will issue a Reverse Clone which will give him a shadow that can attack the opponent. After the ultimate is activated, every Natan attack will be doubled so that it has a greater attack effect.

What is the emblem of Nathan?

Best Emblem Set for Natan

Use the Marksman Emblem on Natan to increase his physical attack, movement, and attack speed.

What type of hero is Natan?

Natan, the Spacetime Walker, is the newest marksman that has been introduced in Mobile Legends Advanced server with the latest Patch Update. The hero is a marksman with magic damage ability unlike most marksman with physical damage.


That was the sickest Build Natan Sick Mobile Legends 2022 that you can imitate and apply to become Natan’s top global later. There are still many Mobile Legends hero builds that we have not provided. Therefore, make sure you don’t get bored visiting APKRader Game to get  other Mobile Legends Tips from us.


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