Diamond Royale FF August 2022 Presents the Lawles Bandit Bundle!

Diamond Royale FF August 2022 will bring a Bundle called Lawles Bandit Bundle FF. We got this information from the Kulgar YouTube channel, which has recently provided the latest leaks regarding the latest Diamond Royale Free Fire event. In the near future the event will be coming soon.

In August 2022, many events are present to enliven the 5th Anniversary of Free Fire. A series of items and Garena Bundles are presented as gifts for players celebrating the fifth anniversary of Free Fire. In addition, they also collaborated with a famous singer, Justin Bieber for the 5th Anniversary Free Fire event.

Well, on this occasion, Dafunda Game, will discuss the latest Diamond Royale FF event which will be present in the near future. Curious about the detailed information? Let’s see the review below.

Diamond Royale FF August 2022

Diamond Royale FF August 2022

Finally, after a period of absence, the Diamond Royale FF event will be back this August. In the latest event, Garena has prepared a girl Bundle that players can get called the Lawless Bandit FF Bundle.

As the name suggests, the look of this Lawless Bandit Bundle has a punk element in it. It can be seen from his punk-style hair with a greenish color. This bundle looks cool with the all-black costume design with green stripes. In addition, the Bundle also wears glasses which make it even cooler.

According to a leak from Rido Odiri from YouTube Kulgar said that if there are no obstacles the Lawless Bandit Bundle will be present at Free Fire on August 26, 2022. To be able to get the Lawless Bandit Bundle, you need to participate in the Diamond Royale event.

Once you spin the event, you need 50 Diamonds or you can also use 1 Diamond Royale Voucher. If you want to do multiple spins with 11x Spins at once, you need 500 Doamond or 10x Diamond Royale Ticket.

In addition to the main prize in the form of the Lawless Bandit FF Bundle, in this event you also get an item that is no less cool, namely the Magic Cube FF. With so many prizes that Garena has prepared, so don’t miss out on joining the event!

That was the discussion about Diamond Royale FF August 2022. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit APKRader Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.

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What is the new Diamond Royale in FF?

Diamond Royale remains one of the main ways users can earn new and rare costume bundles in Free Fire. This particular Luck Royale has been there in the game for several years, and it generally gets updated every few months by the developers.

Who is the diamond of Free Fire?

Friends, in India, the diamond king of free fire is called Lokesh Gamer. Lokesh Gamer is the highest user of Diamond in YouTube and he tops up and uses Diamond along with his ID in the ID of some of his selected subscribers. Lokesh Kumar has most of the items in the free fire game.

Which is the best diamond Royale in Free Fire?

Note: The list of the best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free Fire is based on the writer’s opinion. It only includes the bundles that were available in 2021.

  • The bundle comes with:
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Top)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Bottom)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Shoes)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Mask)
  • Wildfire Vagabond (Head)

How do you get a diamond voucher in Free Fire?

Free Diamond Royale vouchers and skin for free in Free Fire

  • Kill 10 enemies to get 1x Gold Royale Voucher with 5x Squad Beatz token.
  • Kill 20 enemies to get 1x Weapon Royale Voucher with 5x Squad Beatz token.
  • Kill 50 enemies to get Pan Maroon Laser skin with 5x Squad Beatz token.

Who is the Queen of FF?

Sooneetha Thapa Magar is the queen of free fire in the world. she is also a eminent female content creator and a youtuber. she has 4 million subscribers.

How do you get Diamond Royale in Free Fire?

Players need to navigate from their home screen and click on Luck Royale. Then, they need to select the ‘Diamond Royale’ tab. After that, you can use your diamond royale vouchers to get a few free spins, or use 60 diamonds to get one additional spin.

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