Download Alight Motion Pro APK 5.1.1, Premium Gratis, No Watermark!

Alight Motion APK is the most popular video editing application without watermark today. This application is perfect for those of you who like to make cool animated videos.

This application produced by Alight Creative, Inc. can actually be downloaded for free. However, you still have to pay some money to get the premium features.

Don’t worry, by downloading the Alight Motion Pro application that APKRader will share below, you can try out all its features for free without a subscription fee.

However, the latest Alight Motion Pro APK 2022 application that APKRader  will share below is a modified version of a third party that violates the official copyright, so you have to be prepared to take the risk, yes!

What is Alight Motion APK?

Download Alight Motion Pro APK
Alight Motion¬†is a free video editing application that you can use to make¬†motion-designing¬†quickly and easily.¬†The UI/UX is friendly so you won’t be confused.

This application can be used on smartphones and tablets. With Alight Motion, you can adjust colors, add images and audio, and export video editing projects to MP4 or animation in GIF format.

The most popular Android video editor application on the PlayStore has a paid version, namely Alight Motion Pro which allows you to use features that you won’t get in the free version, for example features without a¬†watermark¬†!

But take it easy. You can still get Alight Motion without a watermark by downloading the MOD APK version via the link that APKRader has listed below.

However, don’t use it too often, okay? If you are comfortable, APKRader recommends switching to the original version only.

Download Link Alight Motion Latest APK 2022

DISCLAIMER: Alight Motion APK MOD adalah versi modifikasi yang bersifat ilegal dan berbahaya. Pemblokiran, penghapusan, dan malware serta pencurian data bisa saja terjadi sewaktu-waktu. Jadi, berhati-hatilah.

You can install the latest Alight Motion pro 2022 on Android HP devices and iOS versions, gang. Here are the full specifications!

Detail Alight Motion
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
Minimal OS Android 6.0 and above
Size 28MB
Download 50.000.000+

Without waiting long, please download the latest Alight Motion APK Android at the link below. Please select the version you want.

Version Release Date Featured Features Link Download
v5.1.1 (Latest) 10 April 2022 1. Paid Subscription Unlocked

2. No Watermark

3. Keyframe Animation

4. Multiple Visual Effects

5. Saving All Format

Click here
v4.4.2 March 30, 2022 1. Paid Subscription Unlocked

2. No Watermark

3. Keyframe Animation

4. Multiple Visual Effects

5. Saving All Format

Click here
v4.0.4 12 December 2021 1. Paid Subscription Unlocked

2. No Watermark

3. Keyframe Animation

4. Multiple Visual Effects

5. Saving All Format

Click here
Original 27 June 2022 (updated) Google Play Store

Apple Store

>>> Download Alight Motion Pro APK Terbaru 2022 <<<

Cara Instal Alight Motion APK Premium

Not used to downloading APK files and now you are confused about how to use Alight Motion APK 4.4.2 or the latest? If so, you can follow the steps to install the APK below.

  1. Download the Alight Motion Pro APK file via the link above.
  2. Open the Settings menu on the HP.
  3. Select the Security menu and check the Install from Unknown Sources option .
  4. Open the File Manager app, then locate the downloaded APK file.
  5. Tap on the file to install.

Perbedaan Alight Motion Original & MOD

As we know, the MOD and original versions have various differences when you download them. This is because the MOD version has been modified by a third party.

The striking and most popular modification is the no watermark feature, a feature that should only be enjoyed by users of Alight Motion MOD APK latest version . Well, here are the differences between the official and MOD versions:

Alight Motion Original Alight Motion Pro MOD APK
Limited fonts and filters. Unlock all features.
The rendering function is slower. Faster rendering function .
Ada watermark. No watermarks .

Alight Motion Premium APK Featured Features

Alight Motion Pro Apk 1 320e6

As a video editing application, there are many features that you can use.¬†One of them¬†supports all presets¬†.¬†To be clear, here’s a list of Alight Motion APK’s excellent features without a¬†watermark¬†and the latest.

1. Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion APK has many powerful features that you can use to deliver beautiful video effects. One of the most notable is keyframe animation . With this, you can make static objects more clearly visible.

Not only that, you can also adjust the appearance of objects and make photos move in orbit by combining keyframes and timelines . This cool feature can only be obtained if you use the pro version of Alight Motion.

Unfortunately, this feature can only be done by experienced people.¬†If you can’t, you can ask for help from someone who is more skilled in video editing.

2. Dozens of Impressive Effects

This application has dozens of different effects that you can choose according to your tastes and needs. Moreover, there are always updates to the latest effects.

The effects in the application itself are divided into several themes, such as text, images, colors, and light, blur , and so on.

This way, it will be very easy for you to find your favorite effect that you want to apply to your video.

3. Type Text with Favorite Fonts

There are lots of fonts that you can choose from in this application. Not enough there, you can also import your favorite fonts that are not in the application.

It’s very easy to add text to a video.¬†You simply press the plus (+) button in the lower right corner and select Text.¬†You will also get this feature from this application.

Select View All Fonts to open a list of fonts that are immediately available and usable. Select the Import Fonts menu if the cool font you want is not available.

4. Export Files to Various Formats

One of the advantages of the Alight Motion APK application is that it can export your work into various .

You can turn it into an MP4 format video, turn it into a GIF, PNG file, and many others.

It should be noted that when creating a project, you can choose to create a high-resolution video . The higher the resolution you choose, the larger the file you will export.

If you are not sure what video format is suitable for the project you are making, first read the article on the 10 best video formats, the APKRader version, below.

5. Detailed Tutorial

Like most video editing applications, this application developed by Alight Creative INC has many features that can be difficult for a beginner to understand.

Therefore, this application has very complete Documentation and Tutorials . In the documentation, you can learn in detail about the available features.

To be able to access it, simply select the¬†Tutorial¬†tab .¬†If that’s not enough, you can go to the official website or stop by the¬†YouTube¬†channel .

More Features

Apart from what Jaka has mentioned above, there are many other features that you can use to make your videos cooler and more interesting. For example Color Adjustment, Visual Effects, Blending Video, Vector Graphic, and so on.

Later these features can also be obtained in Alight Motion Pro, you can try this professional version of the application in the way that APKRader will explain later.

How to Edit Videos Using Alight Motion APK

It ‘s¬†not¬†good enough, yes, it feels like you already know what the interesting features are and have even¬†downloaded¬†the application, but don’t know how to use it.

In fact, you can use this Alight Motion Pro APK to make animated films or videos or professional motion graphics , you know, gang.

Well, for that, Jaka wants to tell you a tutorial on how to use Alight Motion APK in full through the steps below:

1. Create a new project

  • On the main page of the Alight Motion application, you select¬†the plus icon (+)¬†to create a new¬†project¬†file .

  • Then set the desired¬†project¬†settings including aspect ratio, resolution,¬†frame rate¬†, to the type of¬†background.¬†If so, select the¬†Create Project¬†menu .

2. Add background

  • At this stage, you can start the project by adding a background first.¬†How to click¬†the plus icon (+)¬†then select the¬†Image & Video¬†menu .

  • Select the photo you want to use as the background for the project.¬†You can also set the¬†background size¬†by¬†pinching in¬†or¬†pinching out¬†.

3. Create a circle layer

  • Next, you create a new¬†layer¬†containing¬†a circle¬†shape or whatever shape you want.¬†The trick, tap on the empty¬†space¬†above¬†the editing panel¬†or you can also click the¬†hack¬†icon in the upper left corner.

  • Next, click the plus icon (+) and in the¬†Shape¬†menu select a circle shape.¬†Set the size of the circle as desired by¬†pinch in¬†and¬†pinch out¬†.

Alight Motion Pro Apk 3 9c522

4. Set the shape settings

  • At this stage you can adjust the circle¬†shape¬†settings from color,¬†border¬†,¬†opacity¬†, effects, and so on as you can see in the¬†editing¬†panel.

  • Here, Jaka will make the color of the circle a¬†gradient¬†by selecting¬†Color & Fill¬†and then selecting¬†Gradient¬†.¬†Also set the color as desired.

5. Select the Blending & Opacity menu

  • The next step, still on the circle shape¬†layer¬†earlier, you select the¬†Blending & Opacity¬†menu .

  • After that, select the¬†Lighten¬†option and select¬†the blending mode¬†Screen¬†.

6. Set animation duration

  • Because here Jaka wants to make an animated video with a duration of 5 seconds, the duration on the¬†background¬†layer automatically needs to be extended.

  • The trick, you tap on the¬†background¬†layer and then¬†drag the arrow icon¬†to the desired duration.¬†Do the same for¬†the circle¬†shape layer .

  • Up to this stage, you have succeeded in extending the duration of the¬†animated video¬†timeline that will be created.

How to Use Alight Motion 84ad7

7. Give animation effects

  • At this stage, you just need to give an animation effect so that the circle can run as you wish by¬†tapping the¬†shape¬†or¬†circle¬†layer¬†.¬†Then you select¬†Move & Transition¬†.

  • Select the¬†Add Keyframe¬†menu in the shape of a rhombus as a sign that you are ready to give an animation effect.¬†If successful, a half triangle icon will appear on the¬†circle¬†layer .

Alight Ce59e animation

8. Set circle motion

  • The next step, you set the direction of movement of the circle as desired by¬†swiping on the¬†controlpad¬†panel¬†.¬†Here Jaka will make a circle appear from the bottom left corner.

  • Then the circle moves in a zigzag pattern.¬†So when the circle¬†shape¬†has been moved to the next point, Jaka moves¬†the circle¬†shape layer a little so that the second¬†keyframe¬†automatically appears.

  • Repeat this step until the circle position is above the object you want to¬†spotlight¬†and the¬†keyframe¬†pattern looks like the following.
Alight Motion A1582
  • To see the results, you can press the¬†Play¬†button .

9. Simpan project

  • If you feel that the animated video is good enough, you can save the result by¬†clicking the export icon¬†in the upper right corner then selecting¬†Video¬†and pressing the¬†Export¬†button .

  • After that, select the¬†Save¬†button .

It’s done!¬†Now you can check the video results in the gallery.

Actually, there are still many interesting features that you can use to make animated videos even better. However, if Jaka explained everything here, it would be very long.

Cara Upgrade Alight Motion Standar ke Alight Motion Pro

You already understand, right, if this application has several risks as Jaka has described before?

Well, if you prefer a safe way and avoid these risks, there is an official way to upgrade the regular version of the Alight Motion application to the Pro version, gang.

Want to know how to switch from the free version of the Alight Motion app to the paid version or Alight Motion Pro? Check out the following steps.

  1. Sign in to the account in the Alight Motion app.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Select a membership option.
  4. Choose a yearly or monthly plan (Prices vary).
  5. Click continue.
  6. You will be directed to the official app store, then click continue again.
  7. Select the Add Billing method .
  8. Next, the name of the provider you are using will appear.

FAQ Seputar Alight Motion Pro APK

For those of you who are still curious about Alight Motion Pro APK, below, Jaka managed to collect some frequently asked questions by users.¬†Come on, let’s just look at the answer to the confusion!

1. How to download Alight Motion on iPhone/iOS?

To download Alight Motion PRO APK is very easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. You must use an Apple Store ID with an email and password that can be used to get this Pro ID from Alight Motion.
  2. Go to Settings > Accounts.
  3. Enter the Apple ID and password that you got earlier.
  4. Click File Alight Motion for Iphone/iOS.¬†If a notification appears ‘Alight Motion APK Wants to Send an Update’ click ‘Allow’
  5. After that, Alight Motion will also be installed on your iOS.

2. What are the minimum HP specifications that Alight Motion can install?

Alight Motion APK can be installed on Android with minimum OS 6.0 and above. While for iOS, that is for iOS 12.2 or later.

3. Why can’t preset into Alight Motion (¬†Error¬†)?

There are several reasons why presets can’t be used, including many project packages, preferring to use images instead of video, and using full resolution when reviewing videos.

In addition, also check the status of your APK version. Have you used Alight Motion APK Premium or not.

4. How to use presets in Alight Motion Pro?

It’s very easy.¬†Come on, follow the tutorial for installing Alight Motion Pro presets below!

  1. Open your Alight Motion APK application.
  2. Create a project first and prepare the photos or videos you want.
  3. Then, select the available presets or you can also import them.
  4. Set presets as desired.
  5. Once done, click ‘Save’ to complete the¬†editing¬†process .

5. Why can’t Alight Motion Pro be installed?

If you are having trouble installing Alight Motion Pro to Android or iOS, don’t panic.¬†Check the settings for permission to use unknown apps in HP settings and then delete the previous version of Alight Motion PRO.¬†After that, you can use this APK.

IMPORTANT! Risks of Using Modified Applications

Modification applications do give you a lot of convenience through a variety of premium features that can be accessed for free. However, this kind of application is classified as an illegal application.

This means that this kind of unofficial application carries a lot of risks that you should consider and be aware of.¬†Anything, huh?¬†Here’s the review.

  • Presence of Virus &¬†Malware¬†:¬†Application modifications are made with a non-standard process.¬†Therefore, it will be easier for viruses to infiltrate which is very dangerous for the security of your device.

  • System Damage:¬†This is still related to the effects of viruses or¬†malware¬†, gang.¬†In addition to losing important data, your cellphone can also be damaged due to unstable processor performance.

  • Permanently¬†Banned¬†: If Google detects an illegal application on your cellphone, of course Google will immediately impose a¬†ban¬†on your system.¬†So it’s hard to access other Google applications, right!

  • Data Theft:¬†Because it is not an official application, this application may be a form of fraud whose purpose is to hack and steal your personal data.

  • Disadvantaging Developers:¬†Official developers not only lose revenue from the presence of this modified application, but also lose¬†trust¬†from other users who prefer to use free applications.

If you already know about the risks that lurk, do you still want to use this modified application?

The final word

Well, that was the review and download link for the latest Alight Motion Pro APK no watermark 2022 that APKRader can share with you for free, gang.

Now, you don’t need to be confused anymore to find an application to make short videos like a pro.¬†This app is one of the best!

However, APKRader reminds that this version of Alight Motion APK MOD is a third-party modified application and not an official version. So, this application is still illegal and has its own risks if used.

We recommend that you still download the official version on the Google Play Store and pay the premium subscription fee to stay safe as well as to support the developer , yes.

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