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How to Get Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in Luck Royale FF!

How to Get Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in Luck Royale FF!
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Good news for Free Fire players, there is a new skin that Garena presents to you in the latest Luck Royale FF event. The event presented a boxing skin called Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF. Yep, the skin is the main prize that players can get in the Luck Royale FF event.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game, will discuss the appearance of the Limitless Punch Free Fire Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF and the details of the latest Luck Royale event. Surely you can’t wait to find out, right? So, let’s see the full review below.

Tampilan Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF

Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF

Free Fire’s fifth anniversary event, namely the 5th Anniversary Free Fire, again presents a new event for players. Now, there is a Luck Royale Free Fire event that brings Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF which is Free Fire’s new boxing skin.

As you can see in the image above, this boxing skin is still the same theme as FF’s 5th Anniversary celebration. It seems that this boxing skin also has a very cool appearance with a golden yellow color. In addition, there is a golden glow effect with sound that adds to the cool feel of this boxing skin.

Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF

For those of you who are interested in the boxing skin, you can get it at the Luck Royale Free Fire event which takes place today, August 25, 2022. In addition to the main prize in the form of Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF, there are also various other interesting prizes that you get.

If you are lucky, you can get an additional gift in the form of 100 Diamonds for free. As usual, you need Diamonds to be able to spin in this event. For one Spin in this event, you need 9 Diamonds, while if you want to do 5x Spins at once, you need 35 Diamonds.

So, what are you waiting for, while the event was just released today, let’s follow and get all the prizes!

How to Get Pet Owl Hoot FF Easily

The easy way to get Pet Owl Hoot FF is to get a new Pet that has been released. Various unique and interesting characters are presented by Garena in the Free Fire game. In addition to characters in the form of humans, Garena also presents Pets or pets that players can use in the game.

Pets are very useful for players, because they can increase the abilities of the characters we use. In Free Fire itself, Garena has presented a lot of Pets, but it seems that they are still not satisfied. Recently, Garena will again release a new Pet called Owl Hoot.

Well, on this occasion, Dafunda Game, will discuss how to get the Pet Owl Hoot character. Curious about how? Let’s see the full review below.

How to get Pet Owl Hoot FF

As the name implies, Pet Owl Hoot is a Pet in the form of an owl that will be released on Free Fire. This pet will be the 23rd Pet in Free Fire. As a pet, of course there are special abilities possessed by this one pet. The skill of this pet is called Far Sighted.

Well, this ability is very useful for characters who have scanning skills or when you use item scanning. If the Pet Owl Hoot skill has reached the maximum level, the scan distance will increase by 10m and the duration will also increase by 2.5 seconds.

One of the characters who quite benefited from this Pet is Clu. Clu has the ability to scan enemies which will really help your teammates to detect the presence of enemies. Pet Owl Hoot FF itself is available on Free Fire starting today, August 24, 2022.

Pet Owl Hoot FF Easily

To be able to get this owl pet, you need to take part in the Top Up Bonus event. At least you have to Top Up as much as 100 Diamonds to get it. If you Top Up looking for 200 Diamonds, then there is another item that you can get, namely the Scythe-Jewel Ax Skin.


How do you buy Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in free fire?

How can players obtain Saitama’s Mighty Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in Free Fire?

  • Press on the Luck Royale option.
  • Click the Free Fire One Punch Man.
  • Remove the undesired items and press the spin option.

What is the first skin in FF?

The Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF on the list is the Blue Flame Draco AK.

Which fist is best in FF?

Best Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in Free Fire

  • Flaming Fist. Flaming Fist in Free Fire. This was the Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF introduced in Free Fire. …
  • Mighty Fist. Mighty Fist in Free Fire. …
  • Cobra Fist. Cobra Fist in Free Fire. …
  • K.O. Fist. K.O. Fist in Free Fire. …
  • Hailstone Fist. Hailstone Fist in Free Fire.

How much Skins does Free Fire have?

Get the best SCAR skin for yourself

Free Fire has a character system with almost 40 unique characters, each with its own skill, a pet system, and even skin that apply buffs to weapons.

Thus the discussion on how to get Pet Owl Hoot FF. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting APKRader Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about our Free Fire Tips .


How to Get Fist Skin Limitles Punch FF in Luck Royale FF!
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