Free SMS Online Send and Receive text Messages for OTP verification

In this article, I am sharing with you 2 amazing free Apps that are available on Google Play Store!

 1. New and Easy Way to Send and Receive Text Messages

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app that allows you to send/receive messages from/to your contacts or friends on a number of platforms easily using your smartphones.
We have introduced the best and fastest way to send and receive text messages online for free.
The App is called “SMS-Message” and is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Windows Mobile devices.
Try it now! We have also added new features. You can easily send a message from any contacts that are in your list of contacts or friends who are on WhatsApp by tapping on an icon in the WhatsApp app and you will be able to send a message directly through WhatsApp! If you want to share with all your friends, just tap the “Share” icon at the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp window and select one or more contact names so that they can also receive that message instantly as soon as they open WhatsApp!

2. How to Send and Receive Text Messages Online

You can now send and read SMS messages online.

How to Send and Receive Text Messages Online

This is an easy way to send and receive SMS messages on your Android or other smartphones. It’s the first app that lets you send texts, make calls and receive SMS messages without downloading any additional software or applications. It works without a data connection and doesn’t require a phone number or an email address. You don’t need to purchase a subscription; it’s completely free!

3. How to Send and Receive Text Messages on Android Device

today, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages for free on a laptop or mobile device. This is especially useful if you’re traveling and want to send a message from your smartphone to your friends back home.
First, install the app on your Android device.
Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and tap on Send Text Messages. Click on an address and start typing out the message. You can type a lot, but make sure that each character stands out. Some letters are more important than others since they represent numbers as well. After you’ve typed out the message, you can share it with other users by clicking on Receive Text Messages or Send SMS Online.

4. How to Send and Receive Text Messages on iPhone, iPod, or Laptop

Almost everyone has a phone. Most of us have a laptop or an entertainment system (a TV, a monitor, a stereo) and most of us own some kind of MP3 player. For those still using the old-style analog telephone system, you can still send and receive text messages.
In this article, I’ll explain how to do that.
You’ll need an App for your Android Phone, laptop or iPod.
I’ll be showing you the App “TextMe”, which has just been released in Google Play Store. It’s one of the few Apps that lets you send and receive text messages online in English. The App is free and here’s how to download it:
1) Download TextMe on your Android Phone/laptop/iPod/iPhone by clicking on “TextMe” in the Google Play Store search results:
2) On your Android Phone or Laptop, open up “TextMe” and follow these steps:
3) Once TextMe has been installed on your Android Device or PC, open up the Messages app on your device. This can be done by selecting the menu icon at the top left of your screen (which looks like three vertical dots), Tap Menu > Settings > Messages & MMS > Get Started:
The first step is to select “Send SMS”. If you select more than one option from the list (e.g., Send SMS To Address), you will need to enter an email address for the person who will receive your message(s). TextMe only sends SMS messages to addresses registered with their service provider. If you don’t want all recipients to receive your message(s), then select only whom you want to send the message(s).
4) Select “SMS Number” as shown below:
5) Select “SMS Message Type” as shown below:
6. How to Send and Receive Text Messages on
Send and Receive SMS online, or SMS for short is the easiest way to send and receive text messages. I’m sure you are already familiar with the function of sending free text messages on your Android Phone, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Now, it’s time to get started with sending and receiving text messages from other phones as well as within apps that you may already use.
There are numerous ways to send and receive text messages on your Android Phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch from other devices including other phones that might be running an app that uses the same texting protocol.
To send a message on an Android Phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch from another device you need to first install the Send & Receive SMS Online App on those devices. After installing Send & Receive SMS Online using your Android Phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch (or any device running a messaging protocol that supports texting), you can begin using the service by entering your phone number into the app’s main screen. One of the most important factors when sending a text message is selecting the correct phone number which will allow the app to work properly when used with another phone.
Just like an actual phone call, whenever you receive a text message sent by someone else using Send & Receive SMS Online it will appear in one of three ways:
1) Incoming: This is where a person who has sent a message appears in their own inbox as if they had just received it directly from that particular device/user. When someone sends a message within this window it will appear in the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) folder instead of their normal notification menu. For instance, if someone sent you an incoming email but did not indicate whether or not they had included their mobile number in their message this would appear in their IMAP address:
2) Text Message Received: When someone receives a message sent by someone else using Send & Receive SMS Online it will appear on their own respective smartphone’s display screen itself.<br>
3) Text Message Sent: If someone actually sends a text message while using Send & Receive SMS Online then it will go straight into that person.
Now I am giving you the best Virtual App of the Year!


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