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Remove Unwanted Object Remove Photo

Remove Unwanted Object – We all know that thorough planning at the pre-production stage can eliminate the very need to Remove Unwanted Object Remove Photo in video footage.

Yet, dozens of traps may await you on a production set to ruin your plans. Theyrange from glares produced by lighting to people, animals, or equipment caught on camera incidentally.

Remove Unwanted Object Remove Photo

Yes, sometimes you can reshoot a scene to get a better quality, but in many cases, small flaws are revealed outside the shooting location.

Besides, it may turn out to be less costly to clean up your video than pay for one more production day. So, what options do you have when you need to Remove Unwanted Object Remove Photo?

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  • Powerful editors like DaVinci Resolve or Vegas Pro have built-in tools to create masks, track the motion, and blend them into clips while achieving a realistic look.

  • But you can get even better results with less pain if using certain plug-ins, for example, SliceX, which facilitates creating masks and motion tracking in FCPX (Final Cut Pro X).

  • While big guns in video editing may seem too expensive or complicated, we have a choice of minor options. Namely, Video Object Removal available on GitHub allows capturing an unwanted object with a box for further automated erasing.

  • It doesn’t require adjusting a video mask or tracking the object’s motion manually yet tends to leave artifacts.

  • If you want to get the job done fast and professionally, you can turn to a post-production company with a focus on video retouching.

  • These guys have pro-level equipment and software and know the ropes to save you the trouble of learning everything from the ground up. And they can not only delete something from your video but also improve its overall quality.

If you prefer the DIY way of addressing the problem, we would recommend exploring Adobe After Effects, as this software currently provides the best editing opportunities in removing foreign objects.

Download Photo Remove 

Remove objects in video with After Effects

One of the reasons why we like AE for object removal is that it offers both classic and modern, AI-based approaches to how to clean up video footage.

So, you can choose either of them depending on your editing skills, the problem complexity, and the desired outcomes. While we are going to explain the latter way in the next paragraph, let’s delve into the traditional scenario.

  • Install After Effects and import your footage.

  • Drag it into a new composition and select the piece that requires fixing.

  • Make a cleanplate with the help of the Clone Stamp tool.

  • Create a new null in the Composition for further tracking.

  • Go to the motion tracking workspace to animate the shot and mimic the motion of the camera.

  • Adjust settings and click the forward button in Analyze.

  • When tracking is completed, press on Apply to link the tracking data to the null.

  • Drop your cleanplate on top of the raw footage and parent it to the tracked layer.

  • Change the opacity of the cleanplate to see the object to be removed and draw a mask around it.

  • Highlight the cleanplate, go to the mask properties to adjust Feather values, and change the opacity back to 100%.

  • Set the mask to Subtract to remove the object from the scene.

  • Animate the Mask Path property for it to follow the moving object if required.

Remove objects in video using Adobe Cloak

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In 2017, Adobe teased its new Cloak technology working similar to the Content Aware Fill tool available in Photoshop.

Remove Unwanted Object Photo

Two years later, the company released this much-anticipated feature, giving both professional and amateur editors a simple solution to erasing unwanted objects from any footage.

Incorporating machine learning, the tool analyzes pixels bordering an area intended for removal and generates appropriate texture to replace it seamlessly. Here is how the feature works in practice:

  • Get After Effects installed on your PC and upload your video.

  • Create a new composition.

  • Draw a mask around an unwanted object using Pen or another preferable tool.

  • Select Subtract in the mask properties.

  • Animate the mask and make sure the object doesn’t overstep its boundaries.

  • Click on the Window tab to see the Content Aware Fill panel.

  • Use Alpha Expansion if you want to extend your mask.

  • Choose a suitable option in the Fill Method dropdown list.

  • Set a range for fixing (work area or entire duration).

  • Press Generate Fill Layer to start automatic analyzing and rendering.

  • Play the video to see the object removed and make adjustments by creating a reference frame if needed.

Since Content Aware Fill comes with a choice of fill methods, you can use it to address various issues. By choosing Surface, Object, or Edge Blend,

you will be able to Remove Unwanted Object Remove Photo, mask an object on a textured surface, get rid of tripods, selfie sticks, and action camera mounts popping out in your frames, blur logos and watermarks, and more.

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