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GTA San Andreas Mod APK Offline Small Size has recently been sought after by gamers. As a game that is quite legendary, who is not familiar with the GTA San Andreas game. A very phenomenal game released in the 2000s from Rockstar Games.

After several decades passed, Rockstar Games then released the Mobile version of the GTA San Andreas game on Android through the Play Store. Since then, there have been more and more fans of the mobile version of the GTA San Andreas game and its popularity has increased. Until many people make mods of the game.

The size itself is quite large, which is more than 1GB, and of course with a large enough size, not all Android smartphones can install it. So then many gamers are looking for GTA San Andreas with a size small enough for them to be able to play on smartphones with potato specs.

Well, for that, in this discussion, APKRader Game, will share with you a small size offline GTA San Andreas Mod APK. Curious and immediately want to download the game? It’s best if you read this discussion to the end, okay?

What is GTA San Andreas Mod APK?

GTA San Andreas Mod APK

GTA San Andreas is a game developed by Rockstar Games, a developer from the United States. Released in 2004, the popularity of GTA San Andreas is timeless. The proof, last year, Rockstar Games released GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition which is GTA San Andreas Remake.

Not to forget, Rockstar Games also released the GTA San Andreas game on mobile platforms, especially Android through the Play Store. Since its release to the Play Store, various mods of this game have also developed. And indeed, many mods from the GTA San Andreas game have been found before they were released on the Play Store.

Various mods, both skins, characters, places, and others, have been included by many modders in the game. However, the most surprising thing was when the modders made the size of GTA San Andreas APK smaller and lighter. Which usually reaches 1GB in size, is now only under 500 MB.

Features of GTA San Andreas Mod APK

Various additional features from modders in this GTA San Andreas Mod APK game. Well, here we have summarized some of the features contained in the game, here is the complete list:

1. Smaller Size

The mod version of GTA San Andreas is relatively smaller than the original version on the Play Store. Many of the elements that the modders removed by the modder to make GTA San Andreas lighter, so that its size does not take up too much of a large size when installed on a cellphone.

2. Cheats available

In playing the GTA San Andreas game, of course it doesn’t feel right if you don’t use cheats. The modders themselves have added a cheat feature that players can use in this mod version of the GTA San Andreas game. You can use various cheats like when playing it on PC or PS2.

3. Many Mods

Of the many existing GTA San Andreas Mod APK features, the mod feature is the most interesting. In this mod version of GTA San Andreas, there are many changes made by modders. Like adding a lot of mod skins, characters, and cars. In fact, adding elements of Indonesian nuances in the game.

4. Offline

Game GTA San Andreas APK is an offline game that you can play without using an internet connection. So, this game is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy free time by playing games without worrying about reducing internet data quota.

5. No Ads

Ads are a pretty annoying thing in a game. Well, the modders themselves have provided the ad block feature that is already in this game. So you don’t have to worry about the ads that will appear. Automatically, this game will immediately block the ad.

Download GTA San Andreas Mod APK Offline Small Size

For those of you who have been impatient to download the small size GTA San Andreas Mod APK Offline game, don’t be confused. Because, here we have provided the download link for all of you.

Download GTA San Andreas Mod APK Small Size

Before you install and play the game application, you should first refer to the description of the GTA San Andreas game in the table below:

Details Description
Name Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Version 2.10
Size 200 MB
Developer Rockstar Games
Android OS Android 7.0 and above

How to Install GTA San Andreas Mod APK

Time required:  5 minutes.

Because this application is a third-party application, and is not in the Play Store. So, we need a special way so that the application can be installed properly. Below we have provided the complete tutorial.

  1. Download APK FILE

    First, please download the game first via the link we have provided above. Wait for the download process to complete.

  2. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

    The second step, go to the Settings menu and activate the application installation menu from Unknown Sources .

GTA San Andreas Mod APK

  1. Install Application

    After you get the application, go to File Manager . Find the APK file that you downloaded earlier. Once found, install as usual. Wait for the installation process to complete.

  2. Ready to Play

    Done. The game is ready to be played.GTA San Andreas Mod APK

The final word

That’s the discussion about GTA San Andreas Mod APK Offline Small Size. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit APKRader Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about the game from us.

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