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Is KineMaster Free to Download?
A free app for Android, by KineMaster Corporation.

KineMaster Free to Download is a high-quality video editing and creating an app that has multiple tools and features to offer.

It is also a good animation video creating an app as well which allows the creation of animated movies and characters. This app is easily available on Google Play Store as well.

KineMaster Free to Download (No WaterMark)

KineMaster Free to Download is free as well as includes a premium version in which users need to pay for getting the locked features such as removal of watermark and many other editing tools.

It provides a 30 days trial absolutely free in which you can create watermark-free videos and save them.

KineMaster Free to Download

With ultimate tools and excellent results, this video editor is a great choice for those who cannot carry their laptops everywhere and need a mobile app to create videos. This app is best for YouTubers who are running an animated movie channel or “How to” videos.

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The perk of living in the 21st century is that the world is growing at a rapid pace particularly in the fields of technology and media communication. In order to keep up the same pace, even a common man has started creating every necessary technological advancement himself.

The trend of the profession has shifted from the medical and engineering fields towards media sciences including photography and video creation to a greater extend.

The trend of presenting through video creation and video editing is more rending nowadays and, instead of seeking professionals, people are inclined towards learning the techniques and implying them themselves.

KineMaster Free to Download is one of those applications which are created in order to meet the technical needs of video creation and edition.


What is KineMaster?

KineMaster Free to Download tool for android devices. It is used worldwide for video recording, video creation, and video editing because.

it gives professional results by providing a variety of functions such as transition effects, image and video layering, handwritten text display, audio tracks, live-in recording, volume control, and many more. It gains more fame because of the provision of video editing features of PC to android users.

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

The edited video by KineMaster Free to Download can also be shared on other social media platforms directly. KineMaster proposes options to slow/ speed-up/ cut-short and rearrange the video.

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This app provides free KineMaster Free to Download tools for usage in the video during editing. Watermark is present in the free version of KineMaster which often irritates the video makers because due to the presence of a watermark in the corner, video ain’t gives a professional look.

The premium version of KineMaster Free to Downloadneeds better transitions for best results. The extra features, some editors might want to use, are locked which can be unlocked only through payments.

KineMaster Free to Download:

The modified version of the KineMaster Free to Download, updated on June 22, 2020, has a size of 87.01MB. It is newly updated for making video editing convenient for both beginners and professionals as well.

It has been made more attractive by removing the ads that kept on popping during the process of video creation making it more difficult and time-consuming.

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

KineMaster Free to Download brings all the premium features along with a wide range of new tools for making the video editing process much more fun. In short, one can create a professional video with stupendous results by using this application.

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KineMaster Free to Download offers removal of unnecessary objects in the video setting, provides background vocals along with voice over, the addition of multiple layers, and blending of two videos together.

Kinemaster Gold Mod APK:

Gold Mod APK is the mod version of KineMaster Free to Download which introduces some new enchanting features for making the video editing process more fun.

A gold layout is added in the videos using Gold Mod APK which is available while applying any feature during video editing. Using this Mod APK, the video can be cut, reversed, add and blend videos. everybody can get more apps with Mod Apk on our website.

KineMaster Free to Download Features:

KineMaster Free to Download is the modified version of the Kinemaster application that offers upgraded features for its users. The modified version is always supposed to be providing the users with updated, modified, and advanced tools that cause more ease during any process.

This KineMaster Free to Download allows the full-screen mode of video, remarkable transitions, multi-audio sounds, multi-layered video clips, and many more assets.

KineMaster Free to Download:

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

Download Now

Professional video editors face obstacles due to the presence of watermarks in the videos, therefore, many of the video editing applications have been limited in use by professionals.

KineMaster Free to Download has been updated with the complete removal of the watermark from the videos. Now the videos can be exported in good quality without any watermark by either beginners and professionals.

Multiple layers unlocked:

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

With this feature, multiple layers of images, texts, stickers, handwritten notes, or even another video can be implanted over the video being edited. This feature was also present in the premium version of KineMaster but KineMaster Free to Download has unlocked this feature for free with no payment.

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One can add a video as well for a multi-layered video edition. For using these features, one has to follow the given steps i.e.

  • Open the KineMaster Free to Download that has been downloaded.
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol and click on the media option for choosing media.
  • Click on the ‘Layer’ option and select the ‘Media’ layer.
  • Now finally choose a file to put in as a layer.


Speed Control:

  • This modified version of KineMaster provides speed control for video editing. The user can either slow down or speed up the video according to one’s needs.
  • In the old version of KineMaster, only the speed option of 2x was given but the modified version has a speed option up to 16x. Nowadays, slow-motion videos are in trend for which this app could be the best possible solution. For speed control functions,
  • one has to go through these steps
  • Open the video in the Media option.
  • Select the video and click on the ‘Speed Control’ option.
  • Choose desired speed from speed options.

Chroma Key:

This feature of the KineMaster Free to Download provides the change of background for video editing and processing. While the original video may have a colored background or colored props and you want to remove or vanish them.

For this purpose, one can use the Chroma key feature of KineMaster Free to Download in which those backgrounds can be colored with a different color or can become transparent. But this feature only works for multi-layer videos.

For this feature, choose any multi-layered video from the media. Now turn the Chroma key function on and also use the show mask option for making the video completely transparent.

High-Resolution Export Quality:

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

KineMaster Free to Download allows the edited videos to be exported with high-quality resolution along with all the elements and features you have used. There are various resolution qualities in which videos can be exported such as 360p, 480p, SD 540p, HD 720p, FHD 1080p, QHD 1440p.

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after the video editing is being completed, one can choose the resolution in which he wants to share the video after clicking on the share button. Now, by clicking on the export option after selecting the resolution quality, the video will be successfully exported.

Thematic Features:

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

Brightness and Saturation control plays a key role in the beautification of any video or picture. This feature also provides brightness control where one can alter the brightness level of the video according to the desired need.

People relating to art, design, or photography, in particular, are more obsessed with an embellishing outcome of videos and pictures for which they tend to add transitions and brightness. It also offers a variety of themes, animations, colored filters to put in the video. Extra tools like vibrance, highlights, shadow, hue, gamma, etc. are also available in this version.

KineMaster Video Editor APK Downloader

Another unique feature of reversing the entire video along with the editions one has made is also a part of this modified version. 3D transition effects and fade-in/fade-out effects are also proposed in this application.

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KineMaster offers sharing the video after edition on other social media sites as well including YouTube, Dropbox, Google+, Facebook, and more. It allows users to export the video with 4K quality i.e. highest quality.

KineMaster Free to Download offers advanced editing features for users to create astonishing products. It possesses extra tools for the best editing results. The app does not run smoothly on older android devices or low-end phones. The process of video editing can stutter or freeze while running the application.

How to KineMaster Free to Download:

It is quite convenient to download and install KineMaster Free to Download on your android device. You may need to go to your settings first and enable “access from unknown sources” on your device. It is necessary for an uninterrupted download process. Now follow the steps given below;

  1. KineMaster Free to Download from the download links available online or from APKRader.com.
  2. Install the application on your device.
  3. Open the installed app and make the necessary settings for use.

If any other version of the Kinemaster application is already being installed on your device, it may cause interruption. For smooth running, delete all existing versions and install APK MOD.

How to Install

  • This app can be installed both from the APKRader.com Store and the internet browser.
  • Download the file first.
  • Go to the downloaded app.
  • Open it and install it if you have downloaded it from the internet browser in APK form.
  • Enjoy the priceless video editing anywhere on your phone.

In short, KineMaster Free to Download is the best available application for video editing and making one’s videos more presentable and eye-catching. Moreover, one does not need the fussy set up of computer PC rather it is easily available for mobile, tablets and Ipads.

The application users won’t find any harm while working with their data and information because there is no tracking and it is safe to use.

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Q. Can Kinemaster Mod APK Download on PC?

This app wasn’t built for computers or PC but only for android devices. However, if one wants to use it on a PC, he must download and install an emulator first on his PC and then download the KineMaster Mod APK.

Q. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, the app itself does not steal information or any personal details from the user’s data unless the device you are working on is not rooted. This application doesn’t enable any tracking or hacking, therefore, it is safe to use at the professional level as well.

Q. How can be the edited video exported from Kinemaster to any other site?

The process of exporting is quite easy and accessible. You need to click on the export option and choose the resolution quality of your choice. The video will be easily exported and can also be shared on other social platforms like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Dropbox, and many other sites.

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