MX Player Pro APK 1.7.38 + Codec Pack Download

MX Player Pro Apk full version 1.7.38 (ad-free) is deemed the most powerful video player and least glitchy on the market with support for all of your media formats. Codecs pack is separately included if you need it. Free download now!


MX Player Pro APK 1.7.38 + Codec Pack Download

This is a paid version of MX Player Pro APK The Pro version is the premium version of the app that comes with tons of features.

MX Player Pro APK Download

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 10MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Media – Video

App User Reviews:

“I am a converted Moboplayer user, MX Player (full) just blew it out of the water. It plays everything I have thrown at it smoothly and with good quality. So easy to use I actually laughed out loud. I bought the paid-for Pro version within 10 minutes of first using it. That is how good I think it is. It works really nicely on my Hudl2 and Samsung S3.” -Martin

“It plays MTS and M2TS files just fine. (Should be more of a clearly stated advertised feature.) Custom codec for DTS audio workaround works flawlessly too. Ads don’t really obstruct my video watching experience but I’m donating anyhow. Pity about the AC3 audio codec issue (fixed with the aio pack). Using VLC for that.” -Benjamin


“I Love MX Player Pro; Fast plays anything I throw at it, has more options than I need without being too complex, doesn’t munch battery. This will retain 5 stars for me as long as devs are pro-active with compatibility with future android releases.” -Pete”I’ve been using the free version across multiple devices for a while and just had to buy this. One of the more expensive apps I’ve purchased in some time, but worth 3x more. Simple, useful, clutter-free.” -Dan

What’s new in version 1.7.38

Improved Android TV support.
Improved background play interface.
Added ‘A-B repeat’ feature.
Added subtitle speed setting under subtitle submenu.
Added S/W audio (network) under Settings > Decoder
Handles mouse wheel movement on the playback screen. Also can select behavior on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Touch > Wheel action. (This option is not visible unless a mouse is attached)
apk v 1.7.37
Improved device compatibility.
Fixed duplicated folder listing on some ASUS devices.
apk v 1.7.36a
The black theme is returned.
Added Share menu.
Added workaround for hardware menu button bug of some LG devices.
Added options for trying HW and HW+ in sequence, under Settings > Decoder.
Added system notification bar colorizing option for Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Added default subtitle sync option under Settings > Subtitle.
HW+ decoder can be selectively used depending on video codec, under Settings > Decoder > HW+ video codecs.

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