The Most Complete and Latest Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 Cheats

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 cheat has recently been sought after by PS2 game connoisseurs. Even though it is a game that has been released for a long time, many think that this game is one of the best Naruto games ever. Moreover, its release on the PlayStation 2, a PlayStation console that has a lot of memory.

As a P2 game, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 is one of the most memorable games. So, not infrequently people who play it want to reminisce with the heyday of the PlayStation 2 which is often played at rental places.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 itself is a PS2 game that adapts the Naruto Shippuden anime. Which, this game itself tells the character of Naruro who has grown up. Unlike the Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 game which takes the story of Naruto and his friends who are still ninja genin.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2

The main mission in this game is to rescue Gara who is being held hostage by the Akatsuki team. Konoha sent Team 7 consisting of Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Teacher Yamato to help Sunagakura save Gara. In addition, there are several other missions that are also present and no less fun in this game.

Interestingly, this game has a high level of difficulty. The reason is, on some missions, you have to find something hidden at some point in the game. However, from there, you can explore the places in each map in this game.

Just like most other PS2 games, the developer of this game, namely Bandai Namco, provides cheats that players can take advantage of. Well, therefore, on this occasion, we will share the most complete and latest Naruto Ultimate Ninja PS2 cheat for all of you. Let’s see the review below.

Complete Cheats for Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 in Indonesian

Cheat Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 Ps2 1

How to Unlock All Characters

  • Grandma Chiyo : Meet Grandma Chiyo in story mode
  • Chiyo Granny with Doll : defeat the real Sasoru in story mode using Chiyo Granny
  • Deidara : Defeat Deidara in story mode
  • Itachi : defeat Itachi in story mode
  • Kabuto : defeat Kabuto in story mode
  • Kisame : defeat Kisame in story mode
  • Orochimaru : Defeat Orochimaru in story mode
  • Sai : defeat Sai in story mode
  • Sasori Hiruko : Defeat Sasori in story mode
  • Original Sasori : defeat Sasori True Form in story mode
  • Sasuke : beat Sasuke in story mode
  • Yamato : defeat Yamato in story mode


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Cheats Naruto Shipudden Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2 Unlock All Characters

  • Classic Naruto Characters : Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, X, X, Square, Square, press and hold the R2, R1, L1, and L2 buttons.
  • Deidara’s character : Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, then press and hold the R3 and L3 buttons.
  • Pain Characters : Down, Circle, Circle, Left, Up, Down, Right, Triangle.
  • Sasuke Uchiha Characters  : Up, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Down.
  • Sarutobi Character : Up, Up, Up, Round, Round, Down.
  •  Tobi ‘s character : Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Right.

Cheat Tamat Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2

For those of you who want to play without having to finish this game and run all the missions. You can use the following cheats.

  • Cheat End : Press and hold the R1 and R2 buttons, then press X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, X, X

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Is there a Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS2?

The fifth instalment of the perennially successful PS®2 series, and the second based on the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN anime, NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 takes the player on a heart-pounding adventure from the point of Naruto’s return to Konoha to end of the second Sasuke Rescue Arc.

It was followed by four more titles for the PlayStation 2, as well as five spinoffs for the PlayStation Portable, and a follow-up title for the PlayStation 3 entitled Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
Genre(s) Fighting game

Is Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 in English?

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 is a 2.5D fighting game and the fifth mainline entry in the original Ultimate Ninja series. It’s also one of the few Naruto games to be officially released in English but not have a dub or a US release.

How many Naruto Ultimate Ninja games are there?

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM LEGACY collects all 4 STORM games in one breathtaking collection. This series has established itself among the pinnacle of anime & manga adaptations to video games!

How do you unlock Minato in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5?

You must beat first the Orochimarus hideouts dungeon with Naruto (and a team), after the Sasukes mode. If youve beaten the other bushin you can go for the Sasuke (child), Orochimaru and Kabuto. If you beat them youll be able to find the 4th Hokage.

How do you dodge in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5?

1. Dodge to the left or right very quickly (hold block, and keep pressing left or right and X). The move tracks, but only slightly. If you dodge to the left or right far enough, it won’t hit.

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